Hiring an App Developer/Web Developer

Choosing A Software Developer

Important Skills

  • Technical Competency
  • Skills in the desired areas of development
    - ex. iOS, Android, Web development etc…
  • Experience creating products from the ground up.

Critical Skills

  • Project management
  • Tool cost analysis
  • Client management
    - Do not hire a ‘yes man’
  • Business plan analysis
  • Engagement awareness
  • Cost of Ownership Analysis

“Do not make the mistake that a competent software developer can be a competent project owner.”

Technical Skills: Smarter Isn’t Always Better

“When you’re great at hammering everything looks like a nail.”

Who to Hire? The Biz-Dev Developer

  • Has proven long-term clients.
  • Will first learn to understand your goals.
    - Avoid those who just “want to start working”.
  • Understands the differences in project management types.
    - i.e. waterfall vs. agile. Spoiler, you want agile for software projects.
  • Does not charge less than $100/hour.
    - Someone with business acumen is going to know their worth, and know how to charge for it.
    - While it is possible to find someone for cheaper it is much harder to do so. Those are usually “diamonds in the rough” and can cost you time and money trying to find one.
  • Gives information on how designs, tools, features and goals will affect costs of the product.
  • Explains what they are going to do and why.
  • Can clearly articulate difficult to understand technical ideas.
  • Suggests feature priorities and pushes back on things that may be unnecessary for your goals.

“You Get What You Pay For”

Where Can I Find A The Right Developer?

  • Search hiring sites like ZipRecruiter or Indeed by posting your job.
  • Post your job on freelancer sites like Upwork or Freelancer.
  • Network with people you know to find references.
  • Attend technology conferences where they might be attending.
  • Use a professional development company.

Lastly, Be Smart About Budget



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